The struggle is so very real…

Being jobless sucks.  Sometimes I feel like Rose reminiscing about the Titanic.  Only technically for me isn’t hasn’t been 84 years but is sure does feel like it.  A more accurate number would be 84 days, I’ve been jobless for 84 days and its brutal.  I like to think I’m qualified for multiple positions out there, I apply to about 20-30 jobs per day…HOW IS IT POSSIBLE I GET NO CALLS BACK? Is my resume not aesthetically pleasing? Did I include all of my skills? Should I have written a better cover letter? The list of questions is infinite, that is until I look more carefully at the posting and see that it’s been on there for 4 months…awesome, they def forgot to take that down, most likely because they hired within and never really intended to bring someone else on anyway. Wind officially taken out of sails.  This horrible cycle is a daily occurence.  Wake up hopeful, spend the day applying, realize you’ve done this for the past 3 months become less hopeful so you then proceed to crack that bottle of wine thats been staring at you, have a few glasses go to bed.  Wake up.  Rinse and repeat. This is a struggle I know that most millennials have.  College educated, jobless, living at home and broke.   We were told when we were little that “you can be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do,” but let’s be real…we aren’t all set out to become famous or change the world.  Some of us are put here to be a marketing coordinator or write creative content for a preparation H commercial (because for others that’s a daily struggle).  The majority of us don’t want to be Justin Bieber or Jennifer Lawrence, yeah that would be bloody awesome, but some of us just want a job that we studied for, a job that we worked to get, a job that can contribute to society but also not be miserable waking up every morning to go to.  The struggle of finding that balance is real, mostly because we were told when we were little that we could be anything we wanted to be, only to grow up and find out that that’s not always the case. So yes, our millennial struggle is so very real.



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