Daily Struggles

January 24, 2018: Today began as most normal days do. Woke up, had coffee, walked my dogs (technically one is my roommates dog (and by roommate I mean parents) but no need to nitpick) and applied for jobs. Around 11:30 I decided to get myself dressed and make a dent in the errands I have been putting off. Mind you, those errands are me going to the store and getting my brother and sister-in-law a Christmas present…yes, that’s right a Christmas gift. I grew up with the saying better late than never so I figured a month later isn’t horrible. I get to the store and begin to wander around, they are having a baby soon so I stumbled into the baby section to look for cute and adorable things. Instead I run into this propaganda :


Now for all intensive purposes this is adorable…to grandmas or 12 year olds with bright eyes and naivety. As a millennial all I see when I look at this is LIES! You’re selling LIES! How about something more realistic: “The future is yours…if you work for it, if you pay for it, if you have at least 2-4 years of experice and a bachlor’s degree.” That’s a onsie babies should be wearing. Give them the truth of the struggles now, they will thank you in the end.